How to video

A good instructional video can be just as helpful as hands-on experience. Who hasn't turned to a "how-to" video on YouTube when reading instructions just doesn't cut it?


Instructional and educational videos of course predate the internet -- the CDs and DVDs that used to be packaged with products and books -- but the explosion of online video platforms created a mature environment of people sharing their experiences and skills in amateur how-to videos. This environment gave birth to organizations like the Khan Academy. An increasing proportion of videos on Youtube, the world's largest platform, are instructional or tutorial videos (in addition to cat and prank videos.)

How-to Youtube Videos

We all have problems and use search engines to solve them. Step-by-step instructional videos have become a mainstream experience, with ever more people teaching themselves skills or solving problems themselves: calling on a search engine query rather than a friend or customer support. Especially in areas such as product assembly, DIY crafts, computer software, hardware troubleshooting, cooking, and so on.

The reality is everyone learns differently: the instructions manual to assemble Ikea furniture might be completely sufficient for one individual, but confusing to another. Some learn better by doing, some by watching, others by reading -- adding a quality instructional video to your repertoire is one of the most accessible way of reaching all of them. Subjects, too, are learnt more easily through different means; one might read an article on a cooking technique that would leave them puzzled, when watching a video and mimicking said technique might be much more effective.

Our instructional videos have exemplary production value and feature an experienced host to demonstrate the product in a clear and charming manner. Rainmaker has wide experience in producing instructional videos and has considerable insight when explaining to the layman. Consult our team about producing a How-to Video for your business.

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