Event Video

When the success of your publication, press conference, seminar, or other event is hinged on its good publicity, having a well-made event video is a powerful tool. We’ll document your event’s best moments and package them in something you’ll be proud of.

Are Event Videos Important?

Hosting a great event is only the first step, presenting it in a form for a broader audience through video has become an extension of the process. Video is integral to the promotion of an event.

Event Videos Generate Interest

An event like New York Fashion Week garners an explosion of attention beyond its attendees through outside promotion. Recording the highlights of an event and framing them online generates a lot of buzz for your company’s image and its activities. You may be thinking: “not every event generates this level of excitement.” Let Rainmaker show you differently.

Event Videos and Company Management

An event is organized around limited human, material, and financial resources — they require considerable coordination and planning in order to execute, so when successful having a comprehensive record is valuable. We will present you with a video to showcase your efforts to investors, managers, board members, or even your own customers to see your merits and earn trust.

Importance of Event Videos for Consumers

In the event of a publication or press conference, you might issue a corresponding press release with relevant information, or to garner exposure. Truth be told, not many are willing to spend twenty minutes reading through a press release. Many, however, are willing to give a few minutes of their time to get key information from a short video: they will always be more accessible and entertaining in terms of direct communication with customers.

Event Video Exposure

A successful event is made exponentially stronger if promoted on the broad scope of online content platforms. Now anyone can upload videos to pretty much any online web platform (and there are many.) We won’t hoard your video; it’s yours to share, and we’ll help you get it everywhere: from video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte) to Forums (Reddit, PPT, Slickdeal.)

Versatile Video Use

Beyond official websites, video platforms, social media, and the like, our videos can be used internally as email signatures, product training, or even when pitching investors.

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