YouTube Advertisements can be published in the various ways:

30 Second In-Stream Ads

This advertisement will appear in the video window of the viewer's selected YouTube clip. They can optionally click a URL featured in the advertisement, or click a button to skip the ad. Rainmaker advocates making a specialized 30 seconds Ad for this format!

Search Results Advertisement 

With this option, your video will appear at the top of the page in the list of a user's search results. The placement of the ad is largely determined by SEO optimization.

Related Videos Advertisement 

Here, your video is listed at the top of the results for related videos for the video a given user is watching, also heavily affected by SEO optimization.

Embedded Video Banner

Your video will play at the bottom of a banner advertisement. This option can easily be overlooked, either deliberately or accidentally, but if careful consideration is paid to banner design, it would in face be a very good way to boost exposure without needing to think about click conversion rate.

Google Advertising Network 

With this method, the video will not appear on YouTube, but will be seen in Google’s advertising network. Sometimes you will see websites that place Google ads — we can select target sites and themes to find the best places to publish your ad.

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