YouTube SEO Composition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Selection

There’s inestimable data to sift through on the internet, so we use powerful, huge search engines with complicated algorithms to determine the most relevant answers to our queries.

Search engines prioritize and organize sites according to a set of criteria with which they assess content. Internet users often only look at the first few results, so ranking well on engines like Google has come paramount for internet marketers.
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Search engine optimization

YouTube SEO Analysis

YouTube takes its own approach according to its own criteria for different sorts of video. The content, length, description, click-through-rate (CTR), and many other factors affect search results.

A YouTube video description is not just about supplying additional information to the audience — a good description does this, but must also aid the video in ranking well on search engines for a healthy long-term CTR. If you want to take every possible measure to maximize your audience, this service is for you!

Rainmaker Keyword Optimization

We’ll provide you professional analysis through our array of SEO tools, delivering the most frequently searched keywords with the least competition. We’ll use these results to fine tune your video description and title to make sure it’s ranked as well as possible.

Combining these fine-tuned, optimized videos with YouTube ads simultaneously yields the best exposure. This is ideal for videos that require long-term showing to achieve the desired effect, such as: Corporate Image Videos, How-to Videos, and Microfilms, etc.

Good keywords not only help people find your video, they also help your video appear as in-stream ads for your desired audience, or even in your competitor’s related video results. We offer a specialized in-stream video production service as well — check out the YouTube Promotional Video Production page for more information.