YouTube Promotional Video Creation

Why Use YouTube?

Besides being perhaps the most recognizable online video website in existence, YouTube is very much still the foremost video platform. According to market research firm ComScore, YouTube retains about 43% market share, garners over four billion video views per day, and is used by more than a billion people worldwide. An estimated 300 hours of video are uploaded per minute. Three quarters of its activity is outside of the United States. Based on Alexa rankings, YouTube is the third most active site behind Google and Facebook. In 2006, Google announced its $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, integrating it with some of its own services. Today, YouTube is very global -- it has launched different local versions of its site in 70 countries, and can be browsed in 76 different languages, which encompasses 95% of internet users. Beyond its impressive globalization, YouTube has expanded horizontally to include parnerships with other popular Internet media platforms as a new network.

On July 21, 2015, Google combined YouTube, Apple Daily, Sohu, and Youku as the "Google Video Network" (GVN) to fuse all of these video platforms under one, unified advertising service. GVN displays advertisements on all of these constituent platforms -- while YouTube is the largest, other platforms such as Apple Daily and Twitch, as well as large Chinese domestic platforms like Youku, Sohu, and Tudou represent one of the single largest advertising opportunities in the world.

Why 30-Second Advertisements?

An old adage states that the first 30 seconds of a job interview are the most important -- we are more than capable of creating an impression on something in a fraction of this time.

A video doesn't have to be long -- 30 seconds is more than enough time to deliver a convincing message. In our digital era of social media and internet ubiquity, countless things compete for our shortening attention spans. To have any chance, a video needs an eye-catching opening, lest audiences lose interest immediately.

On YouTube, viewers can choose whether to skip an in-stream ad after 5 seconds. Your advertising fee is charged only after the ad plays more than 30 seconds or if the embedded URL is clicked.

Rainmaker will help you assess the competition so you can outshine your competitor's videos in both creativity and content. We'll lock down your target audience and catch their attention.

Best Bang for the Buck

1. Your brand gets exposure from the video even if it isn't viewed for the full 30 seconds and the URL isn't clicked.

2. A compelling video stimulates click rates and is sure to boost traffic to your website. If the audience clicks the link, it reflects their interest in your brand.

Additional Services

Our YouTube promotional video service includes SEO optimization to ensure it ranks well and is competitive among rival videos. We'll make sure your every detail is fine tuned for the most polished product possible.

Ideal Content for YouTube Promotional Videos

  • Product Videos
  • Corporate Services Explainer

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Promotional videos and YouTube ads will appear in different positions on the Youtube platform. If you want to choose the most suitable promotion method for you, please refer to Youtube Ads Placement