Pre-production is necessarily the most critical part of the process — everything is hinged on good planning in film production (among most things.) We’ll first collect your ideas and suggestions and let our writing team will construct an alluring script appropriate to your target audience. We strive to make our clients a pivotal part of each process: unless you tell us otherwise, we don’t want to shut you out of the creative process!

Concept work: We evaluate customer needs and appraise costs

In this stage, we determine your budget, goals, needs, and timeline to properly plan and schedule the project’s logistics. We also closely consider the theme and focus of the video, providing examples as a reference to help you understand the costs and difficulties.

Scripting: We put our writers to the test

After assessing your needs and budget, we get the entire team together — from marketing, to camera crew, to editorial staff — and complete the video outline as a framework for the content. Then our writing staff will put meat on the skeleton, filling in story descriptions and eventually dialogue, plot, character creation, and adding their own stylistic elements.

Customer check-in: We bring the first draft to you for revision

At this point, we take a break to give you an opportunity to check the script and provide feedback or ask any questions you may have. Based on this beedback, we will make revisions, updating the timeline and budget accordingly.

Storyboarding: We put together a storyboard based on the revision

In this phase, the editorial and artistic teams collaborate to sketch each scene along with a description, providing a fuller outline that better conveys the overall style and structure of the story. It’s used as a final check with clients before starting production.

Casting: We find actors and screen them for the production

Next, the team will screen and select actors for the video; we make an initial selection and get your final confirmation.

Scouting: We seek out additional talent and production staff

At this point, should the team require additional support staff to meet your needs or schedule, we will approach our various sources to recruit additional crew members, depending on the demands of the project.

During production, the entire team will be geared toward video-based processes. Our production teams — directors, photographers, lighting specialists, technicians, designers, artists, stylists, and support staff — mobilize to establish sets, arrange shoots, and film!

Build the set: We plan and establish sets for location-based shoots

According to the schedule, directors, photographers, and other key crew members visit the shot location first to design and erect the set and camera equipment. They perform a full safety inspection to ensure a smooth production.

Shooting: Camera crew performs the required shots

All actors, lighting specialists, and support staff join crew members to begin filming. We’ll show you the raw footage as we collect it to ensure the production is meeting expectations.

After wrapping up production, our entire team gears towards editing. In this crucial stage, the length and final aesthetic of the film are determined. Our sound engineers record voiceovers, narration, foley, and develop the overall soundtrack. Graphics and effects are rendered and applied.

First cut: Preliminary editing, color correction, audio recording, and effects rendering

We collect and catalogue all raw footage and materials, selecting and culling shots, and arranging an initial timeline and B-roll. The first steps are to eliminate unuseful content and organize. Next, we select and arrange shots into a more complete timeline, adding cues, transitions, and basic effects. As the timeline approaches finalization, color correction, audio dubbing, and background music is applied.

Client Check-in: Final check-in for notes and finishing touches

At this final stage, we bring the complete final cut to your company for a final check. We’ll collect your feedback, and make any necessary modifications.

The budget significantly affects the production process at every stage. If you’d like to know more details about cost estimates, visit our commercial photography quotations page.