Film production costs can range from $50,000 NT to $1,000,000 NT dollars.

The level of budget reflects several major aspects of a project’s scope. 
Here are the largest factors for your reference:

Video Length

The longer the video the more costly it is — a fairly straightforward principle. A longer video simply requires more time and resources.


High-end technical requirements demand high-end equipment: the better and newer the equipment, the more costly it is. 

Filming Location 

Shooting using green screen technology in our digital studio is the cheapest option, though sometimes more complex projects require location-based shoots. Many variables — the remoteness, distance, and availability of the location — determines fees and transportation costs. 


The costs of hiring different actors and talent depends on the experience and popularity of the individual.


Elaborate special effects and animations are more costly than basic editing and color correction, sometimes requiring contracted post-production studios.

Audio Design and Music Licensing 

Audio costs increase if music rights need to be purchased. 

Video Resolution 

The final composition of the video demands more time and equipment — 4K video requires more time and editing resources than a FULL HD video, reflecting higher costs. 

If you have any more questions about our production services, please refer to the FAQ.