Product Videos

Want to make an effective product video?

When consumers see your products on your website or online retailers, they’ll likely search to find more information and reviews about it. If, instead, a well-produced video is immediately available, they’re more likely to click on that without leaving the site where they discover it.

Leading US marketing company MarketingProfs’ 2014 survey on “The Power of Video for Business” found that 96% of consumers believe seeing a product video on a shopping site helps them in making a purchase decision. Furthermore, a well-known advertising firm Invodo found in their 2014 survey that consumers who see product videos are 1.6 times more likely to buy the product. These figures mean that the potential for returns when investing in a product video are actually quite high! This is why Europe and now the majority of online retailers — I.E Newegg, BestBuy, Zappos, Simply Piste — have suggested that manufacturers embed video products on their sites.

How to Earn Consumer’s Trust

Consumer’s these days are more skeptical of companies and their claims about products. How can we help you? While product photography can be used to mislead through manipulation, and are consequently mistrusted, product videos are found to be much more ‘honest’ — 57% of consumers trust product video content more than other promotional material (Source Invodo.) Why else do major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung publish videos at every conference? They lend credibility.

Product Videos Yield Exposure

How many consumers are willing to read a 500 word press release? Would you be willing to read one? Only if you were already very interested in the product. Videos, however, are inherently more accessible and appealing to audiences. They’re more condensed, and pack a lot of information in a short timespan. Most importantly, many online media are happy to embed product videos in their coverage. Videos simply get published.

Leverage Every Platform

Now anyone can upload videos to pretty much any online web platform (and there are many.) We won’t hoard your video; it’s yours to share, and we’ll help you get it everywhere: from video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte) to Forums (Reddit, PPT, Slickdeal.)

Versatile Video Use

Beyond official websites, video platforms, social media, and the like, our videos can be used internally as email signatures, product training, or even when pitching investors.

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