Interview Video

User Experience

Even an impulse purchase isn’t a completely arbitrary decision — there’s a lot happening in the unconscious brain of a consumer. Fashioning a good company image certainly affects a shopper’s impression, but might not motivate them to make a purchase, or allay any questions or concerns.

For instance, there are countless weight-loss drinks that all make lofty promises about what they can do. Many consumers mistrust these claims and labeling — even if a customer was in the market for such a drink, they need more encouragement to make the purchase. What will convince consumers?

The Power of the Interview

Seeing a name and a face in an interview humanizes a brand, and adds a measure of authenticity to a message. Beyond direct messages from company CEOs or spokespeople, an interview endorsement with professionals is more convincing to consumers.

Often on television you’ll see commercials featuring doctors and dentists supporting this or that product, lending credibility to suspicious audiences. You might also see candid street interviews asking for product testimonials for a drink, snack, or hair product. On TV shopping networks, too, they employ customer experience to prove the value of their products. Beyond commercial television, we all see interviews of experts on topics on news channels in order to gain their professional insights and experience on a topic. These examples reflect how versatile and effective the format can be.

Advantages of Interview Videos

Is your product ready for the market? Promoting it with an interview video will bolster consumers’ confidence in your portfolio and compel them to choose your brand. Their confidence could in turn generate positive testimonials and cascading new business. Moreover, incorporating an interview on your online store is sure to yield an even greater effect.

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