Whiteboard Animation Video

Create whiteboard animation videos to get attention and more sales!

A new, popular medium for businesses to present products and services in a clear, succinct way: Whiteboard Animation videos are hand-drawn, low-budget animated videos. The form is simple yet elegant — the audience is presented with real-time whiteboard-like sketches together with narration to articulate a concept, as if given a presentation from a star lecturer. We’ll use a variety of specialized software to help organize and deliver your message.

Easy on the Eyes

Whiteboard animation videos are attractive and engrossing to watch — rather than being bombarded by images and text, they present a natural flow of information. A hand-drawn animation is far better at keeping the interest and concentration of an audience.

Enough Time to Consider

One of the most significant advantages to hand-drawn animation videos is in the medium itself; they are designed to provide the audience enough time to think. Watching a hand-drawn animation video is reminiscent of being a student watching a teacher lecture, drawing on the blackboard and copying notes line for line.

Because it is a steady stream of information akin to a lecture, it doesn’t overwhelm audiences, and instead presents ideas one by one. Receiving information this way is more memorable and better retained.

Call to Actions (CTA)

Hand-drawn animation videos are an effective medium for delivering Call to Actions (CTAs) to your audience. This is the pracitice of issuing a sort of order to customers; a way of engaging directly with an audience. For example, “Contact Us” or “Visit our Facbook page” are simple Call to Actions. A well-produced Whiteboard Animation will spur viewers to engage more successfully than other mediums in a light, friendly, and approachable video.

Production Process

A Hand-drawn animation video is among the most primitive ways of articulating an idea through video. Every teacher has employed a simple sketch as an instructional tool — these videos take the concept to an extreme. Hence, the production process is very simple: concepts and infographics are etched in real-time in front of a camera, with each mistake having to painstakingly be redone.

What is an “imitation” Whiteboard Animation?

You may have seen international companies with videos that appear to be Whiteboard animation videos although made via specialized computer software. These programs streamline the process even more, being less painstaking and requiring no hand drawing, instead mimicking the aesthetic. While some find these less organic, they can be very professional and quick to produce.

Suitable Content

As whiteboard animation videos are excellent for delivering a message or explaining an concept in a short, concentrated message, they are apt as company profile videos, instructional videos, or streamed YouTube advertisements.

Company Profile Video: People often don’t have much patience when visiting a new site and trying to figure out their business. A succinct whiteboard video with a compelling Call to Action, however, will immediately attract new customers.

Instructional Video: For step-by-step instruction, a whiteboard video is less dry and more quick — better able to keep the concentration of your audience.

Youtue Advertisements: As youtube advertisements, which are optimally 30 seconds long, a whiteboard animation video can quickly deliver your focused message, garnering a large number of hits.

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