Corporate Image Video

Make image videos and create corporate brand power!

When people think about great companies, they recollect all of their experiences and feelings associated with the brand. When a person thinks about Apple, they may remember iconic slogans like “think different” or revolutionary products like the iPhone. For some, to hear the name “Apple” conjures up ideas like innovation, design, aesthetics — products influence and reflect a company’s image.

Though influence on a company’s image is not limited to the product itself, loyal customers will buy bad products because they bear the right name. Many joke that masses would line up to buy a normal pencil, so long as it was Apple’s latest announcement.

It takes careful branding design and consultation to shape a good company image. Every detail is significant, from logo to product packaging.

Shape your company’s image

Films move us because they’re presented in a powerful medium. Creating a compelling video to present your company builds a persisting connection with customers.

Our team at Rainmaker will study your company’s products and ambitions — we strive to learn as much as we can about your company, with your help, to best communicate it to the world.

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