Compare the different types of videos and their strengths.

Corporate Image Video

When people think about great companies, they recollect all of their experiences and feelings associated with the brand. When a person thinks about Apple, they may remember iconic slogans like "think different" or revolutionary products like the iPhone. For some, to hear the name "Apple" conjures up ideas like innovation, design, aesthetics -- products influence and reflect a company's image.

Though influence on a company's image is not limited to the product itself, loyal customers will buy bad products because they bear the right name. Many joke that masses would line up to buy a normal pencil, so long as it was Apple's latest announcement.

It takes careful branding design and consultation to shape a good company image. Every detail is significant, from logo to product packaging.

Our team at Rainmaker will study your company's products, ambitions, image -- we strive to learn as much as we can about your company, with your help, to best communicate it to the world. (Read more about corporate image videos

Product Videos

When consumers see your products on your website or online retailers, they'll likely search to find more information and reviews about it. If, instead, a well-produced video is immediately available, they're more likely to click on that without leaving the site where they discover it.

Leading US marketing company MarktingProfs' 2014 survey on "The Power of Video for Business" found that 96% of consumers believe seeing a product video on a shopping site helps them in making a purchase decision. Furthermore, a well-known advertising firm Invodo found in their 2014 survey that consumers who see product videos are 1.6 times more likely to buy the product. These figures mean that the potential for returns when investing in a product video are actually quite high! This is why Europe and now the majority of online retailers -- I.E Newegg, BestBuy, Zappos, Simply Piste -- have suggested that manufacturers embed video products on their sites.

Rainmaker can help your business attract more attention to your products!(Read more about product videos

How-to Video

A good instructional video can be just as helpful as hands-on experience. Who hasn't turned to a "how-to" video on YouTube when reading instructions just doesn't cut it?

Instructional and educational videos of course predate the internet, but the explosion of online video platforms created a mature environment of people sharing their experiences and skills in amateur how-to videos. This environment gave birth to organizations like the Khan Academy -- now the world's largest video education network.

Our instructional videos have exemplary production value and feature an experienced host to demonstrate the product in a clear and charming manner.(Read more about How-to videos

Event Video

When the success of your publication, press conference, seminar, or other event is hinged on its good publicity, having a well-made event video is a powerful tool. We'll document your event's best moments and package them in something you'll be proud of.(Read more about event videos

Interview Video

Good interviews provide intimate, direct communication to boost confidence in audiences, whether from a spokesperson for your company, an expert in a news report, or a doctor in a pharmaceutical advertisement. For customers, positive product testimonials often influence purchase decisions.(Read more about interview videos


Translate your brand into a short narrative film with an emotional message.

Conveying your company in a micro film is an effective way to quickly share your company's image with the world. The best commercials don't require purchased time slots or column inches: they spread by word of mouth over the internet and social media. We'll help you tell a story about your company; a story people want to hear and share.(Read more about the microfilm

Whiteboard Animation Video

A new, popular medium for businesses to present products and services in a clear, succinct way: Whiteboard Animation videos are hand-drawn, low-budget animated videos. The form is simple yet elegant -- the audience is presented with real-time whiteboard-like sketches together with narration to articulate a concept, as if given a presentation from a star lecturer. We'll use a variety of specialized software to help organize and deliver your message.(Read more about the whiteboard animation