Dear sales and marketing team members,

Could you be our "dream" partner that we can work with to attract your ideal client?

If you're that company, we will personally work with you one-on-one to develop video content and a promotion strategy that generates interest and inquiries from your ideal buyers in the next quarter.

Here's why:

Most of our clients come to us with the simple idea of creating a video without a clear picture of how it will help their business.

As a video production house dedicated to helping companies with their video production, we want our clients to have video content and strategies that allow them to get a return on their investment.

There's no charge for this; it only takes a 45 to 90-minute video call for us to do it together.

You pay nothing out of pocket, ever, for this one-on-one call and the plan we develop.

Here's what you'll discover during our time together:

1. We will look at what you want to promote, what you are doing so far, and what marketing assets you already have. We will discuss your products and services, how you sell to existing customers and develop new customers, and what you want to achieve going forward.

2. We will determine what kind of consumers are buying your products or define the people and positions involved in your B2B product buying decisions. Then we will choose the best channels to promote your products and services.

3. Finally we will decide what kind of campaign and video types you need to get customer inquiries from your activities. We will plan how you can attract the perfect clients every time, how to get way more prospects to buy from you, or even how you can reactivate past customers.

We will do most of the heavy lifting for you... but there are a few conditions with what kind of companies we partner with.

First, you must have a solid business already. This offer is for established companies that have been running for several years and want to improve and scale their results.

Second, your business must also have an established customer base and a solid reputation. Your company is running ad campaigns and is selling and/or generating sales appointments. Your website should be modern and up-to-date with consistent traffic and regular business inquiries. Your company does not need to be "everywhere" or "huge"…it just needs to be PRESENT in the market.

Finally, your company must be willing to invest on top of the video production costs at least $50-100 per day on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn ads over a quarter (media depend on your business nature). A daily starting budget of US$50-US$100 (or more) will allow us to quickly discover what's working so we can optimize and scale your ad campaign for maximum profits.

In summary, to successfully use video to grow your company, your business should be big enough to invest a starting budget of at least 300'000NT$ for video production, a daily promotion budget of 50-100USD for targeted promotion, as well as our campaign management fees.

If you are thrilled to use video successfully to grow your company and your company is willing to invest enough budget to create campaigns that achieve results, then chat with us now to set up an appointment for a call!