Our Video Studio

While some people may consider us competitors in this industry, we take a different approach. We realize that video is an essential part of your business and a great way to put yourself out there. However, just having a video isn’t enough – you need a video that speaks to your audience. That’s why we’ve invested time and money into our very own studio so that we can produce professional-quality videos for our clients! Our green screen allows us to change backgrounds and add effects wherever you need them, allowing you complete control of your final product. The soundproof walls provide an added layer of protection from noises like scooters or airplanes that might otherwise interfere with your recording session.

Rainmaker Video Studio

Corporate Video Production Studio

Rainmakers’ in-house studio allows our team to create corporate videos for your clients faster and more effectively. It is especially suited to quickly produce several product introductions and presentation videos during a single session. As it is located on our office promise, our team can set up production quickly and redo shots if necessary. Your companies product managers and staff can easily be part of your production and production are not constrained by location rental cost and time limits of location-based filming.


What is a Video Production Studio?

A video production studio is a facility where video production takes place and is generally characterized by high-end equipment. Many studios have soundproof rooms and lighting equipment for filming and video recording. A video production studio is generally used to produce a video for television, film, and commercial purposes. In some studios, sound stage equipment is also available to add special effects to a production. This kind of equipment may include microphones, sound mixers, lighting equipment, and digital recording devices.


What is Studio Filming?

It’s easier to produce a movie in a studio than it is to do so in the field. There are many more distractions on location and several unavoidable extenuating circumstances that can impact the shoot. In a sense, the field represents chaos that is often uncontrollable. The studio isn’t as affected by these unpredictable events, having been built specifically for video and film production. It has all necessary equipment already incorporated into the building, including lighting, audio equipment, and sometimes even control rooms or editing facilities.


Studio versus Location Filming

Simply put, location filming means that you are shooting in the actual setting the story takes place rather than in a studio. Location shooting allows actors, directors, and technical crews alike to work in environments and locations more closely resembling their characters rather than having to either be confined to a studio.

A soundstage is an area where audio and/or video recordings are made, designed as isolated from outside noises, with architecture and soundproofing materials designed to reduce echoes and reverberation while capturing all sound being recorded.


Our studio is an excellent way to produce cost-effective videos for your next product launch, sharing on YouTube, and for your sales team’s social selling activities.