How OEM & ODM Manufacturers Can Benefit from Video for Sales and Marketing

Many OEM and ODM manufacturers in Taiwan rely on referrals from friends and business connections to develop new business opportunities.

Since the Covid pandemic, it has gotten evident that companies can not solely rely on traditional ways of sales and that companies using new methods will gain a competitive edge over time.

Potential customers expect to find good information as soon as they start searching for a solution and won't wait for the next trade show.

The 13 Types of Videos for OEM & ODM Makers

  • The Corporate Overview Video
  • The Executive Interview and Story
  • The Engineering Capability Presentation
  • The Engineering Team Introduction
  • The Customer Journey Video
  • Key Staff Presentation
  • The FAQ Video
  • The Sustainability Report Video
  • The Factory Labor Welfare Video
  • The Factory Tour Video
  • The Reliability Video
  • Product Testing Capabilities Video
  • The Employer Branding Video

The Corporate Overview Video

Some might call it brand image video, but it does not need to be that way. Depending on your objective, you might have several different video versions. One for the traditional trade show, but then your marketing team might want to use LinkedIn advertising to create awareness among potential clients. As LinkedIn ads can target companies and positions, you might want to have a video that addresses the concerns of the top management of a potential partner. In contrast, another video version answers product managers' questions.

The Executive Interview and Story

Behind every company, there are founders and leaders. Interview style videos in English or Chinese with subtitles, where the CEO or Founder shares his story and vision of the company and, more importantly, how he ensures his partners succeed. These videos help build the first step to a closer personal connection beyond technology and engineering capabilities. Especially OEM & ODM must create trust and rapport with potential partners, as the partner's reputation will rely on your company's quality.

The Engineering Capability Presentation

Suppose potential partners are not familiar with the abilities of your factory and your engineering team. In that case, you might want to create videos explaining the strengths of your engineering team and the equipment and processes you have set in place. Your video demonstrates that your company is the best place for a prototype and to ensure your potential partner reliably receives products with the highest quality during mass production.

The Engineering Team Introduction

This video is related to the video presenting your company's OEM & ODM engineering capabilities. Still, in this video, you focus on your team and not on the technology and processes. Depending on your promotion and marketing strategy, you could make a single video introducing the team or add interviews with key people of your engineering team to demonstrate their leadership and abilities when supporting partners.

The Customer Journey Video

This video type is excellent in the early phases of marketing campaigns to your target industry on LinkedIn. You explain and demonstrate what steps your OEM partner will go through with your team, from the early first steps of discussing a potential project to the final product delivery. You can use this type of video to build trust in the process you set up for new partners.

Key Staff Presentation

Similar to the engineering team presentation, you use this video to present key people at your company who fulfill vital roles to ensure the manufacturing process delivers the best quality. This can be purchasing, quality control, and many more functions during your operation. Seeing the people and personalities behind your company will enhance trust in your company as a reliable partner.

The OEM FAQ Video

The FAQ video answers your buyers' frequently asked questions and explains the benefits of working with your company. This video type is handy for the sales team. If promoted through social media by the marketing team, it can save the sales team much time explaining common questions and speed up the sales process.

The Sustainability Report Video

There is no need to explain that sustainability is becoming a key topic for companies. Even your OEM/ODM partners will want to know how sustainable your manufacturing operations are. Creating a video demonstrating how you invested in green energy and processes and implemented the latest technology will build trust with your foreign buyers looking for a sustainable partner.

The Factory Labor Welfare Video

With negative news in western media about labor conditions in OEM factories in mainland China and other countries, creating a video demonstrating how your company does take care of the welfare of your factory employees can set you apart from the competition. You can show facilities, programs, and activities and include interviews to demonstrate your commitment to your staff.

The Factory Tour Video

The classic factory tour video is another way to speed up your sales process. By demonstrating your modern machine park, modern factory, and location, you will separate your company from the cheaper and less trustworthy competition.

The Reliability Video

This video is used by marketing in the early and mid steps of the sales process to demonstrate to potential partners that your company is a reliable OEM/ODM partner. Depending on your company's situation, there are various ways to present this subject.

The Product Testing Capabilities Video

Related to the reliability video, this type of video focuses on showing potential customers what kind of testing equipment and procedures you have in place to ensure manufacturing quality is constantly ad the highest level.

The Employer Branding Video

With the shrinking workforce in Taiwan, the competition to hire great staff is heating up among companies and does not exclude OEM/ODM factories. The younger generation is not only emphasizing salary but will also consider the work environment and potential team members when applying for a job. HR teams of leading companies in Taiwan have already started creating videos demonstrating the work environment and company culture to possible recruits and students through social media to increase the chance of top people applying for a position.