Benefits of Video Marketing for B2B Businesses of Taiwan

What is Video Marketing

More and more B2B companies use video marketing to increase the effectiveness of their content marketing and business development strategies. This includes various types and formats optimized for social media, trade shows, webinars, and live streams. Over 81% of marketers in the USA report sales improvement from video marketing.

Capturing B2B Audience Interest

Videos are used in various situations, not always when the logical mind is sharp. Unsurprisingly video content is flourishing on social media, including B2B media like LinkedIn, where the user is often browsing for distraction. In such situations, the moving images of a product or solution are recognized first subconsciously by the prospect's brain before the brain decides to start paying attention. Past studies showed that 59% of executives prefer watching a video to reading a text on the same topic.

Increase Traffic And Your Website Ranking

Search engines love video content. Adding a video to your product page does not only help clients to understand your product or service faster and keeps the visitor on the product page longer and increases engagement. Those are the signals the search engines like to see. A good page with a video ranks better than a competing one without video content.

Better Conversion Rates

Videos on a landing page promoting a webinar will increase results significantly to pure image and text-based pages. A good video will create an emotional connection and trigger reactions easier and faster. Complex machinery, products, and processes are grasped easily, leading to better responses.

Video Speeds Up Buying Decisions

The saying goes, "If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video Worth a Million." While nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting, good video content comes closest to explaining, showing, and demonstrating aspects of products and solutions that would take many paragraphs of complex explanations. In an area where sales through video conferences became the norm, strategic video creation that closes gaps and challenges in communication speeds up the entire sales cycle and makes the sales team's life easier.

Videos Improve Email Marketing

Most companies regularly send EDM emails to their database of contacts. Numerous studies have shown that video content reduces unsubscribes and increases click rates significantly. Many B2B companies still miss out on this advantage to improve their marketing results.

The 20 Types of Videos for B2B Companies

  • The Product Introduction Video
  • The Service Introduction Video
  • The Explainer Video
  • The Customer Testimonial Video
  • The Case Study Video
  • The B2B How-To Educational Video
  • The B2B Training Course Video
  • The Thought Leadership Video
  • The Expert Interview
  • The Behind the Scenes Video
  • The Corporate Branding Video
  • The Executive Interview and Story
  • The Engineering Team Presentation Video
  • The Key Staff Presentation
  • The FAQ Video
  • The Event Recap Video
  • The Green Manufacturing Video
  • The Factory Tour Video
  • The Employer Branding and Recruitment Video
  • The New Hires Onboarding Video

Product Introduction Videos

Product introduction videos are suitable for sales pages, EDM mailings, personal emails by the sales team, and trade show displays. A good product introduction video can explain features and functionalities quickly. Subjects that might need long paragraphs of text to explain the logic can be easily understood with a few seconds of good video content.

Service Introduction Videos

As products, services and processes can often be explained faster and more straightforwardly comprehended with a video than in long text passages. They include staff members explaining and demonstrating activities and results and showing customers examples.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos with animated text or simple animations explaining with a voice-over how your product and services help solve the problems customers have. They are most often used at the beginning of the sales process when your potential customer is still at the top of the sales funnel and needs to be made aware of your solution.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are challenging to get and need careful planning by the sales team. But this makes them highly efficient in building trust in your company and brand. A third-party recommendation by a manager of your client's business is the most efficient way to show that other people trusted your business and successfully used your products and services.

Case Study Videos

Case studies explaining problems and how real or hypothetical customers solved them using your product and services are a time-tested B2B marketing tool. A good video accompanying texts will make the story easier to digest and efficient to promote through LinkedIn or other social media.

How-To Educational Videos for B2B Products

How-to videos are popular for consumer products, and B2B companies can use videos the same way to show how their products or solutions can solve common problems more swiftly and efficiently. They can be used in marketing campaigns for business development as well as for the training of existing customers.

B2B Videos for Product Training Courses

B2B companies in industries such as machinery can use educational videos to train new customers more efficiently and remotely, even before the product arrives with the client. They save face-to-face training time by letting customers watch training videos first and reduce the cost of training and the support or even repair by wrong product usage.

Industry Thought Leadership Videos

Executives of B2B companies can use thought leadership videos to establish their authority in the industry. By sharing knowledge and industry insights in easy-to-understand clips or with a series of videos, leaders can illustrate challenges in the industry and explain solutions, influence perception, and change people's minds.

The Expert Interview Videos

Marketing teams of B2B companies can use interviews with experts at your company or at customers and partner companies to educate the market, build trust and establish brand authority in the market.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Videos showing the work going on behind the scenes of a company are an excellent way to demonstrate processes and SOP that are set up to guarantee that clients get the best product and services or summarize events and project preparations.

Corporate Branding Videos for B2B Businesses

Company brand videos to introduce your company and give an overview of the company and its history. They are excellent tools to build brand recognition when used efficiently during trade shows or targeted LinkedIn marketing campaigns. They lead the first stages in the marketing funnel to create awareness of your company.

B2B Executive Interview and Story Videos

B2B companies are often providing specialized solutions to problems of specific industries. They are often technical and often focus on dry and fact-based information. By using executive videos, B2B companies can add a human touch to the company. Prospects can get a more personal idea about the company and the people who started it and make it tick, adding the necessary human touch to the fact-based journey to the purchasing decision.

Engineering Team Presentation Video

It is advantageous for startups and not well-known businesses to show prospects that your company has an excellent engineering team. Your videos build trust by showing that you have the best people developing and improving your products and solutions constantly.

Key Staff Presentation Video

Your potential customer might worry about other aspects of your business besides the product engineering team. Presenting top staff at crucial positions, such as quality control, shipping, etc., is another way to show that your company is well organized and helps connect your customer with the faces behind your corporate image.

FAQ Videos

In B2B your customer will have many questions about your business. With FAQ videos, your sales team will not have to waste time explaining things repeatedly. Your clients' executives will want to know more about different aspects than the product manager or the staff member going to implement your solution—videos answering the "Frequently Asked Questions" help answer the most common questions well in advance. Your marketing team can use such video material for their marketing campaigns on LinkedIn or other social media to accelerate the sales process.

Event Recap Videos

Events are a considerable marketing investment. No matter if your marketing team organizes trade show attendances or customer events. Using videos to promote events and promote recaps is an excellent way to increase the ROI of the investment.

Green Manufacturing Video

Customers expect and start to demand that products are manufactured sustainably. This includes B2B manufacturing like the machinery industry, automation solutions, and all industries. Videos demonstrating the investments and commitments of your company to sustainability are an excellent addition to your marketing and branding campaigns.

The Factory Tour Video

B2B manufacturers like machinery, packaging and food industries are examples where a video showing a modern factory will impress clients and show that the company is investing in its factory to ensure the best quality to clients.

The Employer Branding and Recruitment Video

When struggling to recruit the best hires, human resource departments can use employer branding videos for their recruitment activities. Companies can use social media to demonstrate to students and prospects the positive work culture, modern facilities, and a great work environment to increase the company's attractiveness.

The New Hires Onboarding Video

HR teams at large corporations can use video content for onboarding new staff. Videos can introduce staff to facilities, security measures, and procedures. Then can be shown on introductory days or even sent to staff before the first working day. Creating a video can ensure that the training is consistent, reinforcing measures to existing staff and implemented in online training courses.