Online video – serious business in 2018

Getting your message across with video has gained so much traction over the last year. In a yearly poll the Online Video Monitor (OVM), held since 2013 under marketeers by Quadia Online Video and Marketingfacts, shows that the barriers of using video as a marketing tool have been bested one after another the past year. Companies finding their way on social media are starting to profile themselves more and more as Branded Broadcasters and marketers are feverously chasing continuity and quality of their video content.

Where online video was still considered to be a nice “bonus” with an unclear goal in early editions of the poll, the latest results for 2017 show that both marketers and consumers see the impact of video, whether those are personalized, interactive, on-demand or vlogging and social videos.

Online video as a primary communication channel

  • 83% of the respondents used online video in their marketing strategy and 70% agreed that online video will be a bigger part of their digital marketing strategy in the next 3 years.
  • 43% expects their company to have their own corporate video channel within 3 years
  • 37% said that online video is their primary communication method within 5 years

Types of videos

One big trend change we can observe is the type of content that is created, with over 54% of the respondents replied that they will create more social videos and 51% responding they are creating more instructional and explainer videos, two types of content that are king on social media and have a high chance to go viral.

The more traditional video types; webinars and E-learning are quite static indicating that they have settled and no big changes are expected in the future.

Finally, the pre-roll, a quick type of video advertisement is quickly losing ground with only 21% of respondents indicating that they will create more content for it in the coming years, with over 28% indicating that they don’t know or are not sure, that is three to four times higher than any category.



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