About Rainmaker

Is your business experiencing drought?

Like the Native American mystics who would perform dances and rituals to summon the rain, or corporate talents who seem to make new business materialize from thin air, [highlight]Rainmaker will be the breakthrough for your Company’s image and reputation.


Rainmaker Logo

Rainmaker = The Miracle Maker


We are a video production company offering professional insights and experience across a diverse array of services to convey your brand and message to the world. We employ the latest equipment with unflinching professionalism and attention to production value. Our aim is to distinguish your brand among competitors.


At every level of the production process – conception, scripting, filming, post-production – we keep you in the loop, and put your needs first. We will translate your message to be succinct, informative, and persuasive to your audience. Regular dialogue between you and our videography teams will ensure nothing is lost in translation.


While other companies end their services at video production, Rainmaker is dedicated to providing a complete solution: we provide comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies to maximize exposure for your video. We don’t just make creative videos customers want to see; we make sure customers actually see your video.

If you require any video services, or would like to ask us a question, please connect with us via our contact page.