About Rainmaker

A Commercial Video Production Company Dedicated to Your Success

If you are looking for a professional video production company recommendation, look no further. Rainmaker is a filming company in Taipei that dedicates itself to helping Taiwan companies to grow their business with sales and marketing videos. Our Taipei video production company has a full-time in-house team of talented video creation production professionals ready to commit themselves to help you with all stages of film production. We are here to help you tell your story and explain complex ideas visually to lead your business to tremendous success.

Leading Your Company Beyond Video Storytelling

Most companies, when looking for a video production company, start with a desire to tell their story. Creating energetic and engaging content is what it’s all about. Whether you are the CEO or an executive in your company that wants to get your message out there, you need to make sure that people watching your videos take in everything you say.

Any good branding video will tell a company’s story effectively. Still, other key factors determine how successful your company video will be. This includes creating the right messaging and making sure the message is delivered in a way that resonates with your intended audience.

A common mistake made by many companies is to only focus on a brand video to tell the company story – without taking into account the customer journey a prospect has to go through before he is ready to engage with your sales team.

A complete video strategy will start with educating new business contacts about your company and story, then moving to content that increases awareness and curiosity about your product and services. Finally, by creating persuasive video content, you will encourage your new business lead to take action and reach out to your sales team to request an appointment.

The Rainmaker team is ready to consult you to create a complete video strategy to speed up your sales team’s time to convince and acquire a new customer. You will be able to grow your business faster by using video as part of your sales system.

Supporting All Stages of the Film Production Process

Starting from an initial discussion with you, we will work with you on a creative brief. From there, we proceed with creating the video script, find actors and the shooting locations. Only after your approval will we proceed with filming, post-production, voice-overs, and the final editing. Be assured that you are always in control and have the final say on the video script and the entire production process. You have the guarantee that your story and vision is told and created perfectly. If you are looking for a video editing company to support you with your internal projects or a post-production company contact us for more information. If time allows, our team will help you with video editing and post-production projects as well.

English Language Video Production Company

To achieve their marketing goals, companies are investing more and more into video marketing campaigns. However, finding a professional video production company is not easy. A company selling to an international audience needs high-quality English videos introducing the company, products, and services. You will need to have a persuasive English language script introducing your business and involve real professionals who are fluent in English in the production process. Rainmaker’s video production team speaks English and has excellent native English copywriters, ensuring your message will be communicated in the best way.

Your Brand Image Video Creation Company

For businesses looking to create brand image videos, our image video company services create videos to help promote the company brand. We will share our experiences and examples in the blog. You can count on us to create a video that truly represents your brand and differentiates you from the competition. You can find examples of company brand videos on our showcase page.

Product Videos Creation

It’s easy to think videos are something that only the marketing teams need. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made executives aware that the sales team needs new ways of selling without trade shows. Prepare yourself for your next product launch with video content your distributors, online shops, and your sales team can use to grow and prospect new customers. Click here to find our showreel of product videos, and don’t hesitate to inquire about our product video creation services.

Social Media Video Production

Videos are a potent tool for B2B and B2C companies alike. Most start their business video journey by looking for a YouTube video production company. But these days, there are countless examples of businesses using videos successfully on social media and LinkedIn to grow their audience. Simply because videos are more convincing at conveying messages than text with images. However, merely uploading an existing video is not necessarily going to be the most effective first step. Different types of social media require their unique videography style to keep the viewer’s attention. Rainmaker’s Video Production service will help with this process by ensuring your team has everything it needs to make the best use possible out of your investment in online videography. We suggest including the planning of social media use at the initial stage of your project.

Effective Digital Advertising Video Production

There are many advertising video production companies focusing on TV advertising production. But young generations watch less and less traditional TV ads. Consumer habits change. Traditional companies often take the easy way to simply playing their TV ads on social media. The challenge and questions of how effective TV advertising formats are on online media are left open with this kind of approach. Unlike on TV, users can skip ads and have more control over their experience. Using strategies that work with traditional advertising production might not be that effective online. If your focus is to work with online media, contact us for a free consultation. We will work with you closely with your short video production and microfilm production to achieve measurable business results.

Drone Aerial Photography Services in Taiwan

Drone videos are a great way to present your company buildings and manufacturing facilities. Our team has licenses drone pilots and is familiar with Taiwan’s laws and regulations for drone filming. We can put together a complete package for your company showcasing your building and production facilities in a short video. Our drone pilots can capture your building in a way you will not be able to see it with the naked eye. We can develop a drone video for you and integrate 4K aerial photography into the corporate branding video.

Event Video Production Company

Government and private event organizers used Rainmaker’s services as an event video production company. Our team created many event videos for trade shows organizers and private conferences. Thanks to our team’s English abilities, we can handle events with English speakers and exhibitors to make sure to catch the right moment and story angle to share or help Mandarin speakers share their message to a global audience.

Filming in Taiwan

Our team is comprised of multilingual individuals who speak English and Mandarin. Regardless of whether you need to shoot at scenic outdoor areas or film your factories, there are no obstacles! This way, we can support projects not just in the greater Taipei area but all across Taiwan.

As your team speaks Mandarin and English, we support projects in the greater Taipei area and the entire island. No matter if you need to include shots at scenic outdoor locations or want to include your factories in central and southern Taiwan, we are here to support your plans.

The Story Behind the Rainmaker Name

Rainmaker Video Production chose its name to symbolize that we’re not just another group of video producers. In the English language, the Rainmaker is the critical person who makes your company grow. In spring and after droughts, fresh rain makes the vegetation grow in leaps and bounds. The Rainmaker is the person in your company that makes sure the rain comes to your business and ensures your success.

At Rainmaker Video Production, we are videographers. Still, we are also tenacious marketers and creatives who craft unique strategies and stories to forge connections with audiences to grow your company. As entrepreneurs, we’re committed to being part of your drive for your business’s success.